7th January 2019

BIM-report FOUR Frankfurt

Four, the name of the construction project is also program:
Over the next five years, four high-rise buildings will be built in the centre of Frankfurt in collaboration with the architectural offices UNStudio and HPP.
The four skyscrapers will be connected by a common base floor and will house more than 600 apartments, numerous offices, two hotels, a daycare centre and a wide range of restaurants and shops.
The architects UNStudio and HPP, who are responsible for the planning, the client Groß & Partner and the Karlsruhe engineering office digitales bauen, which as module planner and BIM manager is responsible for optimising and coordinating the planning and construction processes, will report on the spectacular project, the interdisciplinary cooperation of the parties involved and the application of BIM methods in the planning phase.

Monday, January 7th 2019, 5:30-7:00 p.m.
KIT, faculty for architecture Karlsruhe, lecture hall 9

5th March 2018

Technical Building Services Symposium Academy of Arts Berlin

Mistakes in project planning incur additional costs, delay completion, discredit the profession and mar the field of architecture. The symposium presents practical experiences and discussions on the TGA vocational course of study. Akademie members and civil engineers Stefan Polónyi and Klaus Bollinger have expressed concerns about recurring construc- tion defects – not only in spectacular building projects like Berlin’s BER Airport – and are initiating a broad exchange of ideas on these.

Monday March 5th 2018, 7:30 p.m.
Academy of Arts Berlin

23rd March 2017

NEST Conference: Modular and digital building technology – benefit and profit

NEST Zürich © Empa / Gramazio Kohler Architects

March 28th 2017 Dr. Volkmar Hovestadt, CEO digitales bauen, talks about „Programming buildings – digitales bauen focus building technology“ at the “Modular and digital building technology” conference at NEST Zürich.

German conference info

15th December 2016

New Footage of Experimenta construction

Media company Heilbronner Stimme has published footage of Experimenta Heilbronn construction. The building is designed by Berlin architects Sauerbruch & Hutton. The building geometry is programmed by digitales bauen.

Project Experimenta

4th May 2016

Monograph ‘Fritz Haller Architekt und Forscher’ published

GTA publishers Zürich have published the monograph ‘Fritz Haller Architekt und Forscher’, edited by Laurent Stalder and Georg Vrachliotis.

more information:
GTA publishers ETH Zürich

18th March 2016

Workshop Energy Efficiency and Digitalization

April 8th 2016 Dr. Volkmar Hovestadt, CEO digitales bauen, talks about „Program Buildings“ at the “Energy Efficiency and Digitalization” workshop at Lucerne University.

16th February 2016

“Digitales Bauen – Focus MEP Planning”

March 15th 2016 Dr. Volkmar Hovestadt, CEO digitales bauen, talks about „Digitales Bauen – Focus MEP Planning“ at the Uponor Academy in St. Christoph am Arlberg (AUT).


13th January 2016

BIM – Focus Planning

Dr. Volkmar Hovestadt, CEO digitales bauen, talks about „BIM – Focus Planning“ at the Swissbau Basel 2016 event „Bauen Digital Schweiz“.


30th September 2015

New Responsive Layout Website

The new digitales bauen website is served fully responsively, fitting nicely into every device (Desktop PC, Tablet, Smartphone). Images and construction drawings of the digitales bauen engineering method are presented the first time in HD.

Design and implementation: Becoming – Büro für Visuelle Kommunikation

12th June 2015

SIA conference Building Smart ETH Zürich

“Modular BIM – Simple Data Models of Buildings”
Lecture by Dr. Volkmar Hovestadt, CEO digitales bauen


9th January 2015

‘Building Industry should learn from Production Industry.’

German engineers portal „VDI Nachrichten“ reports on the December 2014 VDI expert conference „Lean Construction“, where Dr. Volkmar Hovestadt, CEO digitales bauen, talked about „Integrated Modular Design of Building Services“.


5th November 2014

VDI expert conference “Lean Construction”

At the German Engineers (VDI) expert conference „Lean Construction“ in Düsseldorf Dr. Volkmar Hovestadt, CEO digitales bauen, talks about „Integrated Modular Design of Building Services“.


11th August 2014

Prefab Australia opening conference in Melbourne

‘Buildings as Component Systems’
Lecture by Prof. Dr. Mark Luther, Deakin University and Dr. Volkmar Hovestadt, CEO digitales bauen.

‘Australia, along with many countries around the world, is changing the way it builds. As the off-site construction sector begins to expand rapidly, this conference is timed to bring together key representatives from all related areas for the first time.’